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See your story. We pride ourselves in visualizing your stories. As a well-established and highly experienced film production company, we provide expertise with an array of resources to create distinguished, unique documentaries. We help our clients shape their abstracts, from concept to a complete vision, from pre-production, film production, and post-production. We can help customers with the entire creative process, from storytelling to sound recording to video editing.

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Video Services

We explore new video productions to bring you what works, from traditional video productions to drone produced videos. Our global team produces/ sells video clips taken by our producers and photographers in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and America. Our experts explore new ways of shooting and editing to stay at the forefront of the best video techniques and practices in the industry.

Voice Over Casting

Let us speak for you. AP provides voice actors for commercials, voice talents for videos, and corporate movies. Our international voice casters are ready to speak for you. AP identifies native speakers for international commercials, e-learning, and podcasts. Languages: Arabic (various dialects), French, English, German and Spanish.

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