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Accuracy Productions

AP is an international production company that leverages a network of highly skilled photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and journalists on the ground in conflict zones and around the world. Our aim is to produce authoritative and compelling reports and documentaries. With our multilingual staff, we provide a variety of contents in multiple languages. We pride ourselves on our ability to access hard to reach areas and to deliver quality production in various multi media productions.

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Our Services

We offer work that moves the world forward. We master what it means to come back down the mountain with a story to tell.


Making a documentary can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging undertakings you can do. As a well-established and highly...

Video Services

We produce/ sell video clips taken by our pioneer producers and photographers in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and America...


Our services stock ready-to-use images covering war zones, daily lifestyles, commercial uses, and customized topics...


We simplify complex or complicated subjects, products, services, or company stories. Our animation team creates videos...

Graphic Designing

We help connect & engage customers with their audience, generating more interest and customers. We deliver stand-out, professional...

Web Designing

We combine speed and professionalism. Therefore, our experts can work with you to design fast, profitable websites...

Voice Over Casting

We provide voice actors for commercials, voice talents for explainer videos, and corporate movies


Accuracy Productions provides certified trainers and consultants to specific thematic areas related to Education

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Social Responsibility










Social Responsibility

What Our Clients Are Saying:

We offer essential details and big ideas, have the necessary production teams, and strive for creativity to make it happen.

Work With Us

We partner with talented photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and journalists around the world, particularly in conflict zones such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya. If you would like to work with us, please fill out a contact form, with a link to your work, and attach your CV/resume